Sunday School

Sunday school is an integral part of Sunday Morning Worship at First Ards. We run three Sunday School classes each week from September - June:

  • The Lighthouse (ages 3-7)

  • The Rock (ages 8-11)

  • Senior Bible Class (school year 8+)

Check our Sunday Morning Schedule for details.

Children’s Ministry at First Newtownards Presbyterian exists:

To assist parents in teaching children about God’s love and introducing them to Jesus as their Saviour. WE want to see them grow in faith and worship, understand their place in the church family and develop their gifts to serve God.

To achieve this we will, though creative age-appropriate teaching with committed leaders who love Jesus, aim to follow the principles of 5 G kids.

Grace: develop children’s understanding of God’s amazing grace though Jesus for them. Help them in age appropriate ways to understand their need of that grace.

Growth: disciple children to grow in their faith and help them walk with Jesus in their everyday lives.

Groups: give them the opportunity to become part of a relational group of peers, but also where appropriate in a multigenerational context.

Gifts: help children understand that they are God’s masterpiece - uniquely created with unique gifts. Help them discover and develop their gifts in an age-appropriate way. We will welcome children of all abilities and aim to support those with additional needs to the best of our ability.

Good stewardship: help children understand the importance of putting God first using their time, gifts and money to reflect this. Where possible we aim to give them opportunity to use and develop their gifts serving in the church family.